Fishing in Ireland

A Paradise for Fishermen

Although Ireland is famous for its' seaside cliffs, historic fortresses and lush green landscapes, it is a great destination for anglers too. Temperatures remain mild during the year, making the waters and climate consistent. This means that you can go fishing, whatever season it is. Accommodation like the hotel portrush is ideal for accessing the island's coastline. Here, anglers often fish for salmon, trout and the Blue Shark of the Atlantic. In addition, you can fish in the country's stocked fisheries, or in its' numerous rivers and lakes. Here are three recommended spots to catch a whopper:

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County Antrim - Lagan River

The River Lagan is located on the stretch of upstream that begins at Stranmillis Weir and ends at Shaw's Bridge. You can fish from the towpath on the river's west side. In this area, you can catch decent quantities of perch, pike, Rudd, Roach and gudgeon, as well as some bream.

County Tyrone - Strabane

Situated on the border separating the Irish Republic from Northern Ireland, Strabane's primary appeal to anglers is its' diversity: It has four different rivers to try that are only a small distance from the main town. The Finn, the Mourne, the Faughan and the Row have coarse fish, salmon and trout available, and the town runs a contest regularly called 'The North West Fishing Fair'. You can get information about the license requirements, which are fairly reasonable, from the tourist office.

County Fermanagh - Upper Lough Erne

Upper Lough Erne boasts some of Ireland's best opportunities for pike fishing. Also located on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic, the picturesque scenery here is a gorgeous setting for the thriving lake, which frequently contains pike weighing twenty to thirty pounds. Additional species include brown trout, sea trout, salmon and perch. There are no customs checks or passport checks on the border to fret about, however you will see road signs in different colours. Lure fishing, trolling and fly fishing are all methods that Upper Lough Erne anglers have used successfully. Kilmore Quay is a local quiet fishing village, which has some nice accommodation to choose from. Certain venues, such as the Watermill Fisherman's Lodge, help anglers by offering them onsite equipment and a team of guides and boats. Hopefully, the above list of fishing spots will assist you in choosing the right destination for your next fishing trip.