Today we left the dock in hopes of finding yesterday’s yellowfin. We set out with our 50′s thinking for just that. Our first three bites of the day were giants. The fish to tackle ratio wasn’t on our side. The fish prevailed. A couple boats below us found a sign of yellowfin so we work that way. Getting to them it seemed like if you were lucky you got two to four bites at a time. We trolled around hoping for our number to get pulled but it was just one of those days. We finally caught a single to get rid of the skunk around lunch time. Then after trolling around for what seemed like forever we hung a pair. Which one of those came off. Ending the day with two tuna. If everyday were easy it would make this job no fun. I can’t wait to get back out here to give it another go. We have a few days open next week and with a sign of fish around looks like a good time to come. Give me a call and we will get you out here. 252.305.7960


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