Today was our first day back in a few. We had some sea this morning but as the day progressed it got prettier. There were some fish around and pretty mixed bag at that. There was only four boats that fished and between us there were: one blue marlin caught with two more seen, a handful of bluefins with two kept, three bigeyes caught, three to six yellowfins to the boat, two blackfins, a handful of gaffers, and a realeased mako. Out of that big spread we caught two bigeyes, five yellowfins, two gaffers, and a throw back mako. Our big eyes were nice fish one around 100 pounds and the other around 125. Pretty great surprise for the day. We are fishing tomorrow and it supposed to be beautiful I can’t wait to see what the day will bring us. I have Sunday open and right now the weather looks nice if you want to get out this weekend give me a call.  







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