Today we had a nice day in the ocean. The weather was cooler than what we have had on the beach the last couple of days but not terrible. We went looking for bluefins but we didn’t find any. We had about 8 boats looking but no luck. We did find a promising sign of yellowfins for this early in the season. We had 7 bites caught 4 yellowfins. We also caught out first two gaffers of the season. There were two big eyes caught out of the fleet too. The Smoker caught a 70 pounder and the BiOpSea caught a monster 230 pounder. So there is a nice mix of things to catch. I hope it is a promise of an awesome season to come. I have days avai 


 lable in the weeks coming. May is getting filled up quick too so if you want to come hang out with us you need to jump on it. 252.305.7960 

I have Tshirts in so give me a call on those as well. I will ship them to you. 

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Well today was our first day back fishing for the year. It was a beautiful March day. The fishing was scrappy with maybe 12 bites for the fleet of about 40 boats. It wasn’t for lack of sign. There were fish seen on top and marks floating around but they just didn’t want to cooperate. We got lucky and hung one around 1:00 that took half a spool of line off of an 80. But as soon as it settled down the hook pulled. Big bummer but its part of it. We’

re going to try to get back at it on Sunday after this next front goes through. We have days available and the fish are here it’s just a matter of time before they turn on. It could be tomorrow but if you don’t go you won’t know. So give me a call. 252.305.7960.   

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Spring is Finally Starting to show its Head!!

We have had a crazy busy winter. We have been in the boat yard since the first day of December putting new motors in the boat. We decided on C-12 CAT’s. They have a horse power rating of 715 a piece giving us 1430 hp total. Which is 230 hp more than what we had. Another plus is they are 1000 pounds lighter than the old MTU’s we had. All that being said it just means added performance. We now have a 32 knot top end which is 3 1/2 knots faster than what we were. That easily gives us a 25 knot cruise. We are super excited to put those engines to work now that we are back to the Fishing Center.  It sounds like the last couple of weeks there have been a lot of fish around. The fish have varied in size anywhere from 70 pounds all the way up to 500 pounds. That variety is good for the future fishery and that there will be more up and coming giants in the coming years. . We are able to get under the bridge and get out so don’t let that worry you either. We have some days available in the next couple of weeks so give me a call if you would like to break a sweat on a giant bluefin. 252.305.7960

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This weekend Capt. Jordy is getting in some quality time with his little Bro Aaron Croswait in the cockpit. Our Mate Bill went home to Columbia, South Carolina for the holiday but is coming home to get started on re-power prep work on Monday. The boys had a great day despite the bridge conditions getting to and from the Gulf Stream. Capt Jordy said that it was much easier getting back in than it was out. Tomorrow marks the last day of the year for us and we are more than excited to get the wheels wet on the brand new set of Cats. Tuna fishing is still rockin for December and even though we won’t be out there we assure you our dock partners will be. Don’t hesitate to holler at any one of them and if you want to watch the tactics of a re-power we’ll keep you amused with that and whatever we know about the fishing to go with it. Here’s a cool picture of the last supper of one of our Blackfins today… A niiiice one.



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Today we had great wahoo fishing! We caught 8 of them all 35 plus pounders. Also catching a yellowfin and white marlin for a bonus. We have had some harsh conditions lately so we haven’t been able to get out. Hopefully things will stay nice like it was today for a little while. We have days available so give me a call. 252.305.7960


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Today we had tough conditions in the morning but as the day went on it got beautiful. We were able to pick along all day. We caught 3 yellowfin and 7 blackfin. A good day. I saw a good sign of marks and a few fish jumping throughout the day they just need to start eating. It could be any day so make sure you get your trip in the books. We are ready to get you out there. 252.305.7960


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Fall fishing! 10/07/14

We are getting to another transition time here at Oregon Inlet. The white marlin have moved on and with the last couple of years of having extremely big numbers this year just seemed to be more normal. There were some big numbers but they were just out of range of us. Hopefully next year they will make it all the way down again.

Now it’s time to catch some TUNA! We have had a little sign of fish the last couple of weeks but the weather has been working against us. If the weather will ever settle I think things will get together.

We were lucky enough to get out today and with beautiful weather we were able to spread out and go fishing. We had action all day long between the yellowfins, blackfins, sharks, and sails it seemed we were stopped all day long. We weren’t trying to catch shark but when we would hook a tuna and slow the boat down the baits were drifting through the water slow enough they could catch it. And they were hungry! We caught five of them, all duskys. We got a surprise attack of sailfish catching three out of three. Pretty cool surprise! We caught 12 yellowfins and 7 blackfins to go along with them. The yellowfins and blackfins were about the same size 10 to 20 pounders. Pretty awesome day! I hope that it is just a taste of the good fishing to come. We have days open in October and November so if you want to get some meat for the freezer or for Thanksgiving give me a call I would love to try to put you on some. 252.305.7960





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9/04/14 – 9/22/14

We have had some gaps in our reports lately but we have been going everyday the weather has let us. We have had good fishing in the last few weeks. Marlin action, big yellowfins, with some mahi and wahoos to boot. We also caught our third grand slam of the year. It has been fun. We have days open next month tunas and wahoos will be moving in get your date in now! 252.305.7960




















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Today we caught one out of two whites. No dolphin today although we were kinda looking for some. We are doing a overnighter tomorrow so hopefully we will be able to get on something.


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Today the marlin fishing was slow. We were able to catch a nice mess of dolphin. We did jump one white off in the turn but that was the only bill bite.


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