Fishing & Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is a beautiful country with lots of natural green spaces. It is a favourite getaway for people in the UK and other parts of Europe. It has several large lakes, extensive mountain ranges, raging rivers, and quiet valleys. If you like being outdoors, then this is a destination that should be on your list. For example, you might want to try fishing in Norther Ireland with your family. It is an ideal summer activity in this largely secluded place. You should be able to find a wide range of options for accommodation in portrush. Come here to enjoy the following benefits:

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Less Crowds

This part of Europe has not yet been overrun by tourists. Compared to the waters elsewhere in the continent, Northern Ireland has less crowds so you can move about freely and choose good spots with ease. There is no need to jostle with other fishers along the lakes and rivers. Have a tranquil day out with your family where you can all focus on the catch instead of the people. Since you have less competition, you can also expect to catch more fish every time you go out. There is a wide variety for you to feast on.

Abundant Destinations

Check out a map of the country to appreciate its geography. It is surrounded by waters on almost all sides so there is a strong fishing culture here among the locals. It also have the largest freshwater lake in the British Isles with an area of 151 square miles. Other lakes systems exist elsewhere in the country and these have fairly extensive reach. You will never run out of possible finishing destinations to try when you get here. Portrush, for example, is at the northern coast where waters are right outside your doors. You can explore the long stretch of sea or head inwards to the freshwater lakes.

Instructors Available

Don't worry if this is your first time fishing. Instructors are available to guide people of all abilities should they need a helping hand. There is usually no need to get a license of permit to fish unless you are going for sea trout or salmon when sea angling. As for the public freshwaters, a rod license is necessary but you can get this quickly online or at local tackle shops. If you need more information, then ask your guide for all of the requirements and regulations. It never hurts to know the rules.

All-Year Fishing

The weather in this area allows fishing to continue year-round. You will not be turned away by closed seasons so it is possible to schedule your trip at any time. When you get here, prepare for large catches as experienced locals will tell you there are always lots of fish out there. Equipment are easily available and quiet spots are never too far away. It is rare to have such abundance like this so take advantage of it. You can find carp, bream, rudd, dace, gudgeon, and many more species waiting for you.